We are always looking for skilled traders.

If you have a proven trading idea/strategy, we are very interested in hearing from you. Please check the below criteria and see if you fit in as an employee/partner.

You have experience in trading.

– It does not matter if you have experience in physical or financial trading. We prefer financial trading, but we are also interested if you can make a profit in the physical market.

– Your trading idea does not necessarily have to be related to our current area of trading (the energy market). If you can make money trading salmon, stocks, bonds, currency, oil, power, gas or something completely different, it is fine with us.

You know of a strategy or an area which earns a high risk-adjusted return above the regular market. We believe there are a lot of inefficient markets which we simply do not know. Maybe we can all benefit from your knowledge? Both of the following forms of cooperation are relevant:

– You believe in your strategy, and you want to risk your own money. You are looking for partners who can supply additional funding and who you can be sparring with. That is perfectly fine with us.

– You believe in your strategy, but do not have money to invest on your own. That is also perfectly fine with us. If you have a proven idea, we will provide you with an attractive incentive program. Of course you are going to be paid more, the more you make. You are probably worth more to us, than you are getting paid today.

We focus on decisions, not results. In the short term, good decisions are more important than good results. If your strategy is profitable, the long-term results will come. We are maximizing long-term profit. This only comes with good short-term decisions.

If you meet the listed criteria, please send an e-mail to and in which you:

– Explain the area in which you can make long-term profit as well as your strategy.

– State how much capital is needed to implement and execute your strategy.

In the power market, we might already have the necessary set-up. In other markets, we might need to make some initial investments before being able to enter the market.

– State how your strategy will affect the daily liquidity (payment terms might be relevant).

– Estimate how much you expect to make in a normal year where there are no extraordinary events.

– Estimate how much you could lose in a year if things are not going according to plan. We need to understand the risks involved, so please consider a bad year and a worst-case scenario.

– Luck evens out over time, so we are not interested in black/red casino strategies. These are obviously not long-term winning strategies even though luck can make you money in the short term. Short-term volatility is not a problem if we know that the trades are profitable in the long term.

Ronni Bruun Bodal and Mikkel Møldrup

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